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Jenton International is a part of the Jenton Group of companies specialising in the supply and support of technically innovative products for the Packaging, Banding, UV Curing, UV LED, UV Disinfection, Viscosity Control & Converting industries as well as the food automation packaging industry with Jenton-Ariana and electronic sensing & control systems with C-Cubed Ltd
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All viscometers, regardless of their design, will work, but choosing the correct device that will best function in your production environment, is the key. Our main products feature viscosity measurement and control units, conditioning (heating, cooling)  and circulation systems and range from manual viscosity test cups relative to size, design and speed, to automatic viscosity control and measurement systems, including rotational or falling ball sensors, OBD sensors and viscosity software. Whether the printing process is flexographic, gravure, offset, or the applications are related to coating and spraying, the chemical, food or oil industry, we offer solutions for automation and controlling parameters of liquids in production processes, as well as instruments to measure, handle and control liquids and dosing equipment for liquid components. We also provide viscosity coating and temperature measurement control units, ancillary equipment, ink pump systems, tanks, stirrers and components designed to make the viscosity measurement and control process, consistent and repeatable. Additionally, we offer products for special cleaning and maintenance tasks and various sensor types for use in low and high viscosity liquids, in addition to control units, which also can be configured to fit customer requirements
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