Viscosity Measurement & Control

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All viscometers, regardless of their design, will work, but choosing the correct device that will best function in your production environment, is the key. Whether the printing process is flexographic, gravure, offset, or there are applications related to coating and spraying within the chemical, food or oil industry, we offer solutions for automation and controlling parameters of liquids in production processes, as well as instruments to measure, handle and control liquids and dosing equipment for liquid components.

Jenton are proud to have been distributors for opti-color™ viscosity control systems since the 1970s. Viscosity control of inks, coatings and other liquids will optimise the use of expensive pigments relative to diluents but, most importantly, will ensure consistency of product appearance and performance.

opti-color’s main products feature Viscosity Measurement and Control units, conditioning (heating, cooling) and circulation systems that range from manual Viscosity Test Cups relative to size, design and speed, to automatic Viscosity Control and measurement systems. These include rotational or Falling Ball Sensors, OBD Sensors and Viscosity Software.

Our Products

We provide Viscosity Coating and Temperature Measurement Control units, ancillary equipment, Ink Pump Systems, Tanks, Stirrers and components designed to make the viscosity measurement and control process, consistent and repeatable. Additionally, we offer products for special cleaning and maintenance tasks and various sensor types for use in low and high viscosity liquids, in addition to control units, which also can be configured to fit customer requirements.

Jenton Group is active in the food industry and we welcome applications for food related viscosity control, including sauces, soups, chocolate (including for ice cream) and other ingredient based applications.

Viscosity Measurement & Control

Print quality is a vital part of modern marketing. Controlling the viscosity of inks and coatings keeps colour consistant and quality constant. Jenton sell opti-color viscosity control in the UK and have done for over 40 years. We offer everything from simple cups to fully automated systems, mixers and pumps.

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Ink and Coating Control - water/solvent based

Most inks and many coatings are diluted at the application point with solvent or water. opti-color systems use sophisticated rugged sensor systems to measure viscosity and add diluent as requried - with a feedback system keeping consistency to typically 0.2 seconds (Z2) ATEX, of course, is available when required.

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Coating and Temperature Control

Sometimes it's not about diluent. Coating temperature can hugely affect viscosity and performance. opti-color coating control systems can heat or chill inks and coatings to maintain flow and performance characteristics. Proven on high spec can printing, metal and container decorating and spray systems.

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Pump, Tanks & Stirrers

Any ink and coating control system requires ancilliary components such as pumps (ATEX of course), stirrers, tanks, level sensors, cleaning systems etc. Now in it's third generation, opti-color have the experience to know what needs to be offered to optimise a viscosity control system.

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Viscosity Control Accessories

opti-color offer a wide range of viscosity test cups and laborotory viscometers for off line and 'visiting' testing. Ideal for consutants, laboratories and ink suppliers to use when visiting end users and production areas.

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Viscosity Measurement & Control Overview

Viscosity is a flow measurement parameter of any fluids, such as liquids, semi-solids, gases and even solids. Viscosity measurements are made to determine product quality and efficiency and are often the quickest, most accurate and reliable way to analyze some of the most important factors affecting product performance.

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For over 50 years the Jenton name has signalled innovative automation equipment for food, medical, print and packaging industries. We manufacture over half of the products we sell and specialise in custom engineered solutions.

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